Kafgar Coffee Roaster Machine: A Short Review

Kafgar Coffee Roaster Machine

Kafgar Coffee Roasters published the price list for 2020. The company has been selling and producing coffee roasting machines for many years. The company offers good products worldwide in terms of price / performance. The company differs from the products of other companies in design. In addition, roasting machines are very similar to the models of Probat company as working logic. This information can give an idea for users who are willing to buy. If you want to buy a new coffee roaster machine, you  can check our reviews and shop pages.

We had the opportunity to examine the Kafgar Insane-15 Model Manuel Coffee Roaster Machine. The model we used had a capacity of 15 kg / hour. We want to say that we like the machine. If your budget is limited and you want to buy a good coffee roaster, we recommend the Kafgar coffee roaster. You can buy this roaster safety here.

Although the machine we used was old, its condition was very good. We liked the front case design. The experience and feel of using the sample stick was very nice. As an experience, we felt an experience close to probat. The machine has a classic control panel. Roasting is completed in approximately 20 minutes. In this sense, we can say that we liked the experience we had.

We have used many Turkish coffee roasting machines before. Turkish coffee roasting machines have some general problems. First of all, the bearings are resistant to heat and the probes are of problematic and cheap quality. But we did not see such a problem in the Kafgar brand coffee roasting machine we used. In this sense, it is the best Turkish coffee roasting machine we use.

In our next article, we will make new product reviews of the coffee industry.

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